[NOTE: Bear in mind this article refers to Steve's Carts 1 for 1.2.5 and any previous versions. Any suggestions will therefore most likely not be implemented]

Here's all of our carts, designed to fit your needs. If they aren't working properly please
contact our support department during its opening hours(see below).

If you have any suggestions please send them to our suggestions department and we will read it and
investigate the chances of developing a cart like the one suggested.

You can of course also suggest other things than carts.

List of Carts Currently Under ProductionEdit

The Minecart with Engine

The Storagecart with Engine

The Large Storagecart with Engine

The Huge Storagecart with Engine

The Buildingcart

The Miningcart

The Miningcart with Chest

The Simple AI-miner

The Simple AI-miner with Liquid Sensors

The Travelingcart

The Controllable Travelingcart

The Driving cart

The Hybrid cart

The Hybridcart with Chest

The Large Hybridcart with Chest

The Torch placer

The TNT cart

The Cleaner cart

The Turret cart

The Farming Cart


If you have had any accidents while using any carts from Steve's Carts Inc (which we are sure you haven't) please contact our legal department (see below for opening hours) and we can surely solve the misunderstandings.

Unfortunately, We cannot be held responsible for any eventual cardiovascular diseases due to obesity; it's a
common occurance that users of our carts could become lazy and not exercise enough. This could lead to fatness and diseases.

We could of course not stand responsible for any other diseases or illness or fatal carbon monoxide poisoning and the like, as this would depend entirely on the insertion of fuel by the customer and not our patented power convertion systems, contrary to vicious rumors of combustability.

Studies* show however that the relaxation and free time our carts provide greatly outweigh the many health hazards they introduce, with a 100% customer satisfaction** proving this!

Support department opening hours:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: Barely open between 16.00 and 4.00PM
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: Open between 8AM and 5PM (not on holidays).

Legal department opening hours:
NOW CLOSED until announced otherwise.
Pending Investigation.

*Studies conducted with paid employees of Steve's Carts Inc.Edit

**Customers selected by us from a small study group.