With this attachment module you can play music with your cart. When the cart passes over a vanilla Activater rail (before alpha 63 a Detecetor Rail) it will start the music.

Overview of the Interface:

Discription notesequencer

The Note SequencerEdit

Note Sequencer
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Modular Cost 30
Construction Time +7m 24 sec ■
Module Type Atachments
Slots Inf.
Durability  ?
Renewable yes
Health Points 6 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Stackable No
Drops Modular Cart
Standard Hull Reinforced Hull
- -


- -
- -
Side Chest Top Chest
Front Chest Internal Chest
  • 1 - Create New track
  • 2 - Remove Bottom Track
  • 3 - Change Delay: 13,11,7,5,3,2,1
  • 4 - Remove Note Block Settings
  • 5 - Instruments
  • 6 - Add note to track (# Number)
  • 7 - Remove rightmost note from track (# Number)
  • 8 - Track Volume: High, Medium, Low, Muted
  • 9 - Note Index Numbers
  • 10 - Track length
  • 11 - Horiontal Scrollbar
  • 12 - Vertical Scrollbar


Crafting GUI.png

Note Block

Note Block

Wooden Plank (any)


Redstone Dust

Note Block

Note Block

Wooden Plank (any)

Note Sequencer

Applications and UsesEdit

The note sequencer is a module that let you make custom songs with the notes. When you open the GUI the first time it looks like this:

Note Sequenser Interface Main

The two gray bars is available when either the tracks list or notes go off the window.

The TracksEdit

Note Sequenser Interface Tracks

  • 1st button is used to add new tracks where you add the notes,with multiple tracks you can make more advanced songs.
  • 2nd button is used to remove the most bottom one of the tracks.
  • 3rd button is used to set the delay between each note.The available delays are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 13. Default is 2.

The NotesEdit

Adding, removing and volume

Note Sequenser Interface Add Notes

  • 1st button is used to add new notes the row/track it's on.
  • 2nd button is to remove the last note in that row/track.
  • 3rd button is the set the volume on the notes for that row/track.The available volumes is: Muted, Low, Medium and High.

Sound settingsEdit

Note Sequenser Interface Set Notes

  • 1st button is to remove the sound from a note.
  • 2nd to 5th button is the different sounds.

The different colors respective sound.Edit

  • Red = Piano
  • Green = Bass Drum
  • Blue = Snare Drum
  • Yellow = Sticks
  • Cyan = Bass Guitar


Note Sequenser Interface Notes

There is notes available from A to F# in two octaves. In the Image above there is a Piano note F#, a Bass Drum note C, a Snare Drum note F#, a Sticks note C and a Bass Guitar F#. The gray note is not set to a sound and will therefore not be played. There will be a delay for the amount of time a note takes to play instead.

To add a noteEdit

  • Add a new track by clicking the "Create a new Track" button.
  • Add a note to the track.
  • Select the sound you want the note to be.
  • Click on the note.
  • Click the button you clicked to select the sound to deselect it.
  • Now click the note until wanted pitch is showing on the tool tip. If you get to :*high or the number is high you can use right click to go backwards.
  • Repeat 2-6 until you are satisfied with the song.(Optionally you can add a new track and put notes there)
  • If you want to get a space between some notes and you have the delay right,just add an empty note or two.