The Mechanical Pig is one of the fun modules added by Vswe (next to the Pumpkin Chariot) ,Its not as good as the Standard Hull .but better than the Wooden Hull or anything above itself. It was added after a total of $200 were donated to Child's Play Charity in 2013.

Applications and UsesEdit

Mechanical Pig
Mechanical pig hull
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Modular Capacity soon
Module Complexity Cap soon
Max Engines Count soon
Max Addons Count soon
Type Hulls
Crafting Time soon
Crafting Cost soon
Durability soon
Renewable yes
Health Points 6 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Stackable No
Drops Modular Cart
usable Modules / required Modules
Basic Solar Engine, Tiny Coal Engine, Solar Engine,
Coal Engine,
Iron Drill, Basic Drill, Hardened Drill,
Farmer, Wood Cutter,

It is used for making carts in the Cart Assembler. Its only for aesthetic uses.


Crafting recipe is unknown or incomplete ( see by using "Not enough items mod" or similar)

See alsoEdit

Hulls, Pumpkin Chariot , Wooden Hull, Standard Hull