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Minecraft 1.6.4 and aboveEdit

Beta 10:

  • Fixed crash issue with the Mechanical Pig when playing on remote servers.
  • Fixed rendering issue with the Mechanical Pigs' helmets.

Beta 9:

  • Redstone now graphically connect properly to blocks and rails from Steve's Carts

Beta 8:

  • Fixed the missing 'cake supplies' state in the detector units

Beta 7:

  • Fixed an issue in the export script that caused beta 6 to lack all textures and other assets.

Beta 6:

  • Fixed issue where the firework display didn't use the creative supplies.

Beta 5:

  • Fixed a crsh bug on servers in beta 4

Beta 4:

  • Added more languages to the localization.
  • Happy Holidays

Beta 3:

  • Added more localization support.


  • Added localization to the mod.


  • Mainly reorganizing of code but a few minor bugs has been fixed.
(Note that updating to this version (or later) will tell you that the SC2 items in the mod compared to the ones
in the world are different. Everything should work fine though.)

Alpha 135:

  • The information provider can now show the durability of a tool

Minecraft 1.6.2 and aboveEdit

Alpha 134:

  • Tweaked how the list of modules of a cart item is displayed.
  • Added a graphical display of all the modules in a cart in its interface.

Alpha 133:

  • Buffed the Wooden hull
  • Added the Cake Server
  • Happy Halloween

Alpha 132:

  • Added the Detector Redstone Unit.

Alpha 131:

  • Added the Detector Unit, the Detector Station and the Detector Junction.
  • Changed the recipe of the Detector Manager to include the Detector Unit.

Alpha 130:

  • Now you can lock tanks to specific fluids.
  • The Creative Tank do now have four different modes to work with fluids.

Alpha 129:

  • Fixed a localization issue with fluids from some mods.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with fluids from some mods.

Alpha 128:

  • Fixed a bug where crafters and smelters allowed 64 items in the output when using :other mods.

Alpha 127:

  • Disabled shift dismount in carts with the advanced control system since shift is :used to decreased the speed of the cart.

Alpha 126:

  • Fixed a graphics bug with the wood cutters.
  • Fixed the missing sounds for Steve's Arcade.
  • Fixed an issue with the dismount button for the seat.

Alpha 125:

Make sure to use forge or later.
  • Fixed so players can open the interface from within a cart.
  • Fixed a bug with the power observer.

Alpha 124:

  • Updated the minecraft version.
Make sure to use forge or later.
Still a few things missing. Report any issues.

Minecraft 1.6.1Edit

Alpha 123:

  • Updated the minecraft version
  • Make sure to use forge or later
Some things are still missing, please help me break everything

Minecraft 1.5.1 and aboveEdit

Alpha 122:

  • Added the Upgrade: Solar Panel and the Upgrade: Thermal Engine.

Alpha 121:

  • Buffed 8 of the Cart Assembler upgrades.
  • Buffed the Wood Cutters' durability a bit.

Alpha 120:

  • Added the Creative Incinerator
  • Added the Creative Supplies

Alpha 119:

  • Fixed a inventory side issue with the liquid manager.
  • Fixed so liquids in tanks are always starting with a capital letter.

Alpha 118:

  • Added the Smelter.
  • Added the Advanced Crafter and the Advanced Smelter.
  • Added the Information Provider.
  • Added the Experience Bank.

Alpha 117:

  • Fixed a bug where the Track Operator broke Steve's Arcade on a server making the :module disappear.

Alpha 116:

  • Added the 'Creeper Sweeper' mini game.

Alpha 115:

  • Named the Tetris game 'Mob Stacker'
  • Added the 'Ghast Invaders' mini game for the Steve's Arcade.

Alpha 114:

  • The feature that crashed a112 and was removed in a113 has now been re-added and :is working, the feature disables the cart's noise when you're playing a mini-game :in the Steve's Arcade.

Alpha 113:

  • Fixed a crash issue and a rendering bug for the Steve's Arcade.

Alpha 112:

  • Added the Steve's Arcade with the 'Track Operator' and 'Tetris' games.

Alpha 110:

  • Removed the Twigs and Logs, the wood cutters' drop chances now affect all drops, :this means 100% wood from hardened and 125% wood from galgadorian for instance.
  • Wood Cutters can now clear the way of random leaf block blocking it on a rail :slope.
  • Farmers and Wood Cutters can now plant things on soils introduced by mods.
  • Added the Tree:Exotic upgrade which allows Wood Cutters to work with a handful of :modded trees.
  • Added the Planter Range Extender which allows the Wood Cutters to plant trees :with bigger bases, for instance the 2x2 jungle trees.

Alpha 109:

  • Buffed the durability of the enchantments.
  • Fixed a bug where Assembler Upgrades didn't attach properly in other dimensions.

Alpha 108:

  • Tweaked and fixed some bugs with how the Crafter crafts items.
  • Now the Milker won't place milk buckets in the empty bucket slots and there's :also a bucket transfer option in the Cargo Manager.

Alpha 107:

  • Added the Milker.
  • Added the Crafter.

Alpha 106:

  • Fixed a bug in one of the Galgadorian Farmer recipes.

Alpha 105:

  • Added the Galgadorian Hull.
  • Added the Galgadorian Farmer and renamed the Farmer to Basic Farmer.
  • Added the Lawn mower.
  • Added the Enchanter.
  • Added the Ore Extractor.
  • Added storage blocks for Reinforced Metal, Galgadorian Metal and Enhanced :Galgadorian Metal
  • Enabled durability for drills and buffed the Basic Farmer's durability a bit. :*Drills have a very high durability.
  • Fixed a bug with transfering items to the Cart Assembler through an upgrade :without inventory.

Alpha 104:

  • Shift clicking while hovevering over a module will give you more information :about what restrictions it has.

Alpha 103:

  • Fixed a rounding issue with Assembler Upgrades that changed the working :efficiency.
  • Fixed an issue where icons for unobtainable modules wasn't rendered.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to modify unfinished carts.
  • Fixed an issue where some values were not saves when you continued assemble an :interupted cart.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to abuse the Egg Basket and Gift Storage to :generate infinite resources.

Alpha 102:

  • Buffed the Wood Cutters.
  • The Farmer and the two lower tiers of Wood Cutters now has a durability, repair :them by giving them the material they are asking for.

Alpha 101:

  • Nerfed the Wood Cutter.
Now there are 3 tiers of Wood Cutters: Basic Wood Cutter, Hardened Wood Cutter and :Galgadorian Wood Cutter.

Alpha 100:

  • Fixed so the maximum stack size for the filter in the liquid manager is 1.
  • Fixed a bug where manager could transfer content to/from ghost carts.
  • Removed the dynamic maximum stack size of liquid containers in tank slots in :carts. This is because it didn't work properly for empty containers. Now the max :is the smallest of 8 and the tank size in buckets.

Alpha 99:

  • Fixed an issue where renamed carts would lose their names when being modified.
  • Tweaked the textures of the Detector Mangager.

Alpha 98:

  • Added the Upgrade:Manager Bridge.

Alpha 97:

  • Prevented users from transporting a lot of liquid containers in the input slots :of tank modules. Now the max stack amount in those slots depends on the space left :in the tanks.
  • Prevented drills from giving materials to the bridge builder, this is to prevent :the bridgebuilder from using planks for bridges unless you actually suply it with :those (R.I.P Bob).
  • Fixed a bug where carts that had railers and bridge builders but no height :controller couldn't make down slopes properly.
  • Made the Blank Upgrade and Upgrade: New Era recipes cheaper.

Alpha 96:

  • Added a third tab in the Detector Manager called 'Flow'.
  • Added Detector Redirectors in the Detector Manager.
  • Fixed a localization issue with the Liquid Manager.

Alpha 95:

  • Added the Power Observer.
  • Added 3 tank module states and removed the old hydrator one in the Detector :Manager.
  • Fixed a bug where Solar Engines with a lot of energy stored didn't display it :properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Thermal Engines couldn't handle too high power consumptions :properly.

Alpha 94:

  • Updated to a new forge version, make sure to grab the latest one.
  • Updated the liquid system to work with the new liquid canonicals in forge.
  • Fixed a bug where carts with creative hulls turned into carts with wooden hulls :when broken.
  • Rewrote the External Distributor to work better with the new ISidedInventory.
  • Fixed a dupe bug when changing carts in the Cart Modifier.
  • Tweaked how liquid containers can be moved into certain slots, this should make :it more convinient to use them.
  • Liquid Managers can now accept liquid containers from the top and used ones can :be accessed from the bottom.

Minecraft 1.5.0 and aboveEdit

Alpha 93:

  • NEI will not be visible in SC2 interfaces anymore. Nothing I can do about it, NEI :destroyed the SC2 interfaces.

Alpha 92:

  • Various tiny graphical bugs have been fixed.

Alpha 91:

  • All SC2 interfaces will now always fit your screen, no matter which interface :size setting or screen size you have.

Alpha 90:

  • Drills will now try to make sure that the Railers will have a solid block to :place a rail on top of.

Alpha 89:

  • Fixed a crash bug with the Detector Manager on servers.
  • Fixed some more space in the Detector Manager, now there's room for a few more :modules.

Alpha 88:

  • Added the Creative Hull

Alpha 87:

  • Fixed a bug with the Input Chest when modifying carts.

Alpha 86:

  • Added the Drill Intelligence

Alpha 85:

  • Fixed some rendering glitches in the new model loading system.

Alpha 84:

  • Rewrote the way the cart models are loaded.
  • Assembled carts are now rendered in 3D even before they are placed (instead of :just using a static icon).

Alpha 83:

  • Fixed a critical bug when playing on servers. Opening a cart's interface would :crash the server in MC 1.5.

Alpha 82:

  • Happy Easter!

Alpha 81:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented carts from dropping their contents properly.
  • Fixed a rendering bug when using the Mechanical Pig and the Colorizer together.

Alpha 80:

  • Made SC2 minecraft version independent.

Minecraft 1.5.0Edit

Alpha 79:

  • A small tweak to the way the Liquid Cleaner drains liquid.

Alpha 78:

  • Allowed the Open Tank to work with snow.

Alpha 77:

  • Fixed some small issues in the new Cart Assembler error messages.

Alpha 76:

  • Added the Open Tank

Alpha 75:

  • Added the Liquid Cleaner
  • Added more error messages in the Cart Assembler

Alpha 74:

  • Fixed a bug which made the Cart Modifier remove duplicated modules.
  • Fixed an issue with the mouse over of modules marked for removal in the Cart :Modifier.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to break the Cart Modifier with the new MC 1.5 :inventory commands.

Alpha 73:

  • Fixed a crash bug in the Coal Engines in alpha 70.

Alpha 72:

  • Added the creative tank.

Alpha 71:

  • The liquid sensors now work properly in the nether.
  • The liquid sensors now detects non-vanilla liquids.

Alpha 70:

  • Added the Thermal Engine and the Advanced Thermal Engine.
  • Coal Engines won't accept lava buckets anymore.

Alpha 69:

  • Added the Incinerator.

Alpha 68:

  • Fixed a bug where the Hydrator still thought it was occupying the sides of the :cart.

Alpha 67:

  • Added 5 tank modules.
  • Added the Liquid Manager.
  • Renamed Cargo Distributor to External Distributor, it now handles liquids as :well.
  • Removed the Large Hydrator.
  • The Hydrator lost its liquid storage, it now requires a tank module to work.
  • Fixed a missing texture bug in the Detector Manager.

Alpha 66:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from controlling the Cart Assembler's cart preview :properly.

Alpha 65:

  • Fixed a bug which made it tricky to move items in SC2 inventories with your mouse.
  • Default IDs are now the same as in FTB.

Alpha 64:

  • Fixed a crash bug caused when a cart with a worker module passed a non-standard :rail.

Alpha 63:

  • Updated the minecraft version
  • Note Sequencer, Dynamite Carrier and Firework Display are now activated by the :Vanilla Activator rail.

Minecraft 1.4.6-1.4.7Edit

Alpha 62:

  • Protect your pigs!

Alpha 61:

  • Mechanical Pig for Charity.

Alpha 60:

  • Added the Creative Engine

Alpha 58:

  • Fixed a crash issue if a mob tried to pathfind on top of an upgrade.

Alpha 57:

  • Buffed the 'Upgrade: Module knowledge' and 'Upgrade: Industrial espionage' :upgrades.
  • Added the 'Module disassembling' effect and the upgrades 'Upgrade: Quick :demolisher' and 'Upgrade: Entropy'.

Alpha 56:

  • Fixed a bug which caused modules being removed from a cart to be ignored in the time calculation. Disassembling was never supposed to be instant.

Alpha 55:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented upgrades from dropping their contents when broken.

Alpha 54:

  • Fixed the 'Upgrade:Redstone Control' recipe properly this time. (Derp)

Alpha 53:

  • Fixed a loading/saving crash of the cart assembler upgrades.

Alpha 52:

  • Fixed a small bug in the 'Upgrade: Redstone Control' recipe

Alpha 51:

  • Added cart assembler upgrades. This includes but is not limited to: Speed :upgrades, cart modifying, redstone control and the abillity to use more fuel types.
  • Removed the instant assembling in creative, use the Creative Mode upgrade instead
Reorganized the Createive Tabs a bit and added a 'Steve's Carts 2 Block' tab

Alpha 49:

  • Fixed a bug with the Cargo Manager's transfer limit set to a specific number of items.
  • Fixed a bug with the wood cutter that made it stop and burn fuel when it had full inventory, tried to plant a sapling and : had wood nearby at the same time.
  • Added a horizontal limit to the wood cutter. This will prevent it from cutting leaves on trees miles away.

Alpha 48:

  • Prevented railers from placing rails in odd places while going on a down slope.

Alpha 47:

  • Fixed an issue with other things than coal forced into the fuel slot of the cart assembler.

Alpha 46:

  • Fixed an issue with carts working on time consuming tasks.

Alpha 45:

  • Recipes using saplings and dyes now also work with non-vanilla types.

Alpha 44:

  • Recipes using wood or planks now work with non-vanilla types.

Alpha 43:

  • Fixed the issue with the dark interfaces.

Alpha 42 :

  • Fixed a rendering issue in the height controller's interface.

Alpha 41 :

  • Fixed an issue with the Detector Manager in Minecraft 1.4.6

Alpha 40 :

  • Added the Firework display module

Alpha 39:

  • Updated the minecraft version
  • Restructured the packages

Minecraft 1.4.4-1.4.5Edit

Alpha 38:

  • Shift-clicking a node in the detector manager allows you to move it.
  • Added the Crop: Nether Wart module
  • Removed the sapling type restricton for the wood cutter core.
  • Tweaked the advanced detector rail recipe.

Alpha 37:

  • Fixed a small interface issue in the cage's interface.
  • Fixed a bug with the invisibility core when it was used with the module
    toggler or detector manager in a36.
  • Allowed you to right click the advanced detector rail to open
    the interface of its detector manager.

Alpha 36:

  • Added the cage module.
  • Added XOR operator to the detector manager.
  • Added module states to the detector manager.

Alpha 35:

  • Made the redstone emitted from a Detector Manager stay a few ticks longer.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the carts from spinning in the cart assembler in alpha 34.

Alpha 34:

  • Added the Detector Manager.

Alpha 33:

  • Happy Winter Holidays! (Added Freezer & Gift Storage)

Alpha 32:

  • Boosted the generation speed of all the solar engines.
    Due to a mistake in the logic the generation was much worse than in SC1, this was never intended.
  • Fixed some scopes which allows the Rail Reader from Misc Peripherals to work properly with SC2 carts.

Alpha 31:

  • Added the Compact Solar Engine

Alpha 30:

  • Added Projectile upgrades to the shooter and advanced shooter.

Alpha 29:

  • Fixed a crashing bug caused by the Invisibility Core in the Cart Assembler caused by alpha 25.

Alpha 28:

  • Added the Cargo Distributor

Alpha 27::

  • Fixed a bug causing the drill to enable/disable itself on world load.

Alpha 26::

  • Fixed a loading issue for chunk loaders.
  • Fixed a sync issue for modules that required fuel to be active.

Alpha 25::

  • Added the Module Toggler
  • Added tooltips to the Cargo Manager
  • Fixed some issues when dropping chunks in the chunk loader.

Alpha 24::

  • Updated the minecraft version

Minecraft 1.4.2Edit

Alpha 23:

  • Added the Chunk Loader
  • Melters and the Divine Shield are now addons.

Alpha 22:

  • Fixed an event listener which wasn't behaving exactly like it should.

Alpha 21:

  • Fixed a visual bug in the Cart Assembler.
  • Tweaked the way other mods put items in the Cart Assembler.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent you from starting a cart if you were sitting in it.

Alpha 20:

  • Fixed a syncing issue on world load.

Alpha 19:

  • Fixed a bug which made the farming module plant carrots when supplied with potatoes

Alpha 19:

  • Fixed a bug which made the farming module plant carrots when supplied with potatoes

Alpha 18:

  • Fixed a scrolling issue with multilined strings.
    Fixed a bug which caused mouse overlays to be drawn behind items.

Alpha 17:

  • Fixed a bug with the liquid sensors which made them be confused by glass and similar blocks.

Alpha 16:

  • The combination of shooter(or adv), cleaner and (any) storage won't break the shooting mechanic.
    Fixed a rendering glitch in the glass used by the cleaner.

Alpha 15:

  • Drills now drill from top to bottom instead of from bottom to top.
    Carts with drills won't turn back just because the drill can't drill.
    Recipes with wood or planks will now accept other kinds of wood than oak,
    The farmer can now handle potatoes and carrots.

Alpha 14:

  • Have a nice Halloween! (added Pumkin Hull and Entity Detector Bat)

Alpha 13:

  • Fixed a naming issue with pre alpha 10 carts.
    Fixed a crash issue when destroying the cart assembler when a cart in creative had been created but not finished due to lack of fuel.

Alpha 12:

  • Fixed a crash that was caused by mobs trying to attack the cart. This is actually a vanilla blunder and the only solution I could do was to tell the game that no one shot the arrow from shooter carts.

Alpha 11:

  • Tweaked and fixed a few issues with the creative tabs.

Alpha 10:

  • The SC2 items do now have its own creative tab.
    A cart named in the anvil will now keep its name even after it has been placed. This means that if you pick it up it will still have its name.

Alpha 9:

  • Fixed a bug which caused carts with a torch placer to unload the chunk they were in.

Alpha 8:

  • Fixed a bug where putting other items than modules in the cart assembler would cause the cart to have a "Coal engine". (This could only be achieved by using other mods)

Alpha 7:

  • Fixed and improved the config system. In the process it was renamed to "StevesCarts.cfg". The old system crashed multiplayer servers.
    Some naming tweaks.

Alpha 6:

  • In creative the cart assembler is instant.

Alpha 5:

  • Fixed a bug in the time calculation in the Cart Assembler.

Alpha 4

  • First public release.