This Attachment module let the cart build a bridge where it can't put rails with a Railer.

The Bridge BuilderEdit

Bridge Builder
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Modular Cost 14
Construction Time +1m 23 sec ■
Module Type Atachments
Slots 3
Durability  ?
Renewable yes
Health Points 6 ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Stackable No
Drops Modular Cart
Standard Hull Reinforced Hull
- -


- -
- -
Side Chest Top Chest
Front Chest Internal Chest

When the cart reaches the end of a track it will look if it isn't a block under the location of where a track should go and if there isn't any it will place a block.
This module wouldn't make much sense to use without any Railer.
This module works well with a Height controller and is also a good addition when using a Drill.
There are 3 slots in the cart that is under the "Bridge" title where you can put blocks it will use.
The slots only accepts a certain number of block to build with.
The blocks it accepts are:

  • Stone
  • Planks
  • Brick
  • Stone Brick


This is how its made: you need 2 Brick Blocks, 1 Piston, 1 Restone and 1 Simple PCB

Bridgebuilder crafting